In the crossover where architecture and botany interact.

My education as an architect has given me a solid knowledge of composition,
with a great spatial understanding and attention to detail.
Botany is a big inspiration and feeds the imagery I create.

My expression is based upon Concrete art and Minimalism,
but over time has become increasingly more organic and figurative in its form.
The works I create are drawings on paper with ink, pencil or oil. 

I am interested in the relationship between time and development,
and this is what I reinterpret in my works. The evolutions that occur in nature,
the human psyche, landscape and urban planning.

I find the best examples in nature: a seed that sprouts grows and becomes an entire,
complex and fully developed organism – just as man’s inner core.
It is the stages of this growth – the magic that something “will become” – that interests me.

I want to greet the viewer with intimate works, filled with details
that take time to make, and take time to observe.
The slowness is part of the attraction.

Paule Ducourtial.

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